Sunday, July 3, 2011

In honor of Garmin-Cervelo's TTT win today...

We like to think that JV & Co. finally took a little of Coach Jill's advice.... ;)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Battenkill Bound.

Early Friday morning, we will depart in darkness with espresso on hand.  On our route:  The old Confederate capital and her sister to the north, Washington, D.C.  Standing now on the verge of a federal government stalemate, we can't be swayed by their sluggish debate.  We'll continue to push north, passing through The Keystone State and leaving the outskirts of Philadelphia in our wake; making progress as Americans are meant to do.

Once into the younger York, we'll slide by the state capital and northeast into her beautiful farmland.  Skirting the western border of Vermont, we plan to ease into Greenwich, NY after sunset and begin the pensive, uneasy time between arriving at the race and actually racing.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fresh New Banner for the Web Page.

Who's that man in the stunners?  None other than our featured athlete Matt Malone.   He's aiming to PR an Olympic distance Triathlon in Kemah, TX this weekend.  We think he's worked super hard during the spring, and has the mindset, fitness and style (this goes without saying) to get to his big early season goal. 

The V. sport team is 100% behind you, Matt, as will be most of the competition next weekend!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Season.

Some have strict definitions of a 'season.'  Most of us do not. 

Major league baseballers will start up on April 1 this year, and a select few will lace up their cleats in late October to close it out.  As cyclists, runners, swimmers, and all-around athletes, our seasons may not be so clearly cut.  Amateur sport seems to cross all seasons, assisted by amazing fabrics and equipment that seem to defy Mother Nature's best licks.  Cold out?  Grab some Windstopper.  Dark?  Fire up the Niterider.

Getting any season started is probably the biggest hurdle for most.  Many series and races start in early spring or summer, meaning that preparation may need to begin in the cold of winter.  Combined with the shorter days, numerous holidays and second-helpings, it's so very easy to hibernate until the warm sun draws us out, pale and blinking.  The problem with this is that once it becomes easy to get out there, everyone else is out there too. 

Depending on one's goals for a season, this may or may not be of consequence.  Group rides, group runs, and team swims are almost always more fun than going solo.  Misery loves company, right?  This convenient situation has a dark side, as it can stunt early season progress.  A solo ride or run with a structured plan tailored to an athlete's current fitness level often has benefits unrealized in group spins or a leisurely coffee run.  It goes without saying that we need to mix in plenty of fun with our training, but to create that spring race day magic, our wintry days and nights must contain those efforts and moments when solitude is our partner and pain our very best friend.

I once heard a cycling coach for Garmin-Cervelo talking about goal setting.  He simply noted that if we set a goal of, say, finishing on the podium at Paris-Roubaix, then it would be quite easy to fail and miss that mark.  However, if the goal is to have an experience that teaches lessons, is challenging, and has the potential upshot of a podium spot, we might not be so depressed if we miss the podium having gained the other two benefits.  In a nutshell, he advised that we set targets reasonable for our individual situations, but that include the experiential facets of racing - not simply the finishing order.  A subtle difference, but a wise one.

As our collective seasons get underway, consider your targets:  Maybe this year, it is less about results and more about simply getting out there.  Perhaps your 'A' race is a lofty goal, so consider the experience of pushing to a new limit within your farthest reach.  Or quite possibly it is time to dig harder than ever and get to that podium. 

Whichever you choose, remember to have fun.  Oh, and Play Hard.  Eat Well.  Be Happy.